Multiple Calendars with Offsets Print

The modules shown on this page show 3 calendar modules using the Month Offset parameter.
To create additional calendar Modules - go to Extensions / Module Manager.
Select your Eventlistcalq module and then click on Copy.
This gets you another calendar module that you can set up with different parameters and settings.

Last Month uses parameter Month Offset set to -1 and also has Show Archived Events Only set to Yes

This Month uses the default parameter Month Offset set to 0

Next Month uses the parameter Month Offset set to 1.

Year to View

An example of how to use the month offsets is to use a plugin like modules anywhere and then place 12 calendar modules on a page using the offset to show a year. For this use the original calendar is better than the ajax calendar as when you update one - you update them all. Remember it is OK to install both types of module - ajax and original - on one website.

See it in use at: