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    Qivva Eventlist Calendar module version 0.92 for Joomla 1.5.x and Eventlist Component from
    (This calendar works for all Joomla 1.5x versions and Eventlist component versions from 0.9.2 up to 1.0.x)

    Please read our FAQs at for answers to common problems and questions.

    Changes for v0.92

    1. Fix for Go Straight to Events (broken by Joomfish fix from 0.91)
    (If you have downloaded version 0.91 there is a fix file in the forum or you can uninstall and reinstall this version)

    Changes for v0.91

    1. Bug fix - Wrong days shown when using parameter settings of Use Joomla Language and Start day of week as Monday (If you have downloaded version 0.9 there is a fix file in the forum or you can uninstall and reinstall this version)
    2. Better layout for parameters - now grouped more logically
    3. Fix for Joomfish when displaying categories and venues in the tooltips.

    Changes for v0.9

    1. Fix for Joomfish translation of tooltips
    2. Singular and Plural for Tooltips title in parameters
    3. Choose whether to display tooltips title. (Default = On)
    4. Go Straight To Details if there is only 1 event on a date (Default = On)
    5. Display Category in Tooltips (Default = Off)
    6. Display Venue in Tooltips (Default = Off)
    7. Option to display archived events calendar (Default = Off)
    8. Use the default Joomla language names for Days and Months (Default = On)
    9. Fix roll over year end bug for Offset calendar
    10. Time offset parameter - Use ONLY if your server time seems to differ from your timezone.

    Changes for 0.8

    1. Roll over year end bug fixed
    2. Check for mb_substr
    3. Removed hard coded text align center (Now uses stylesheet)

    Changes from v0.7

    1. Removed JDate again - causing too many date/time problems in v0.6/0.61
    2. Better Tooltips - configurable through the stylesheet. They work better in Firefox.

    Changes from v0.6

    1. XHTML validation fixes - now w3c compliant.

    2. Tests if mbstring functions are installed before using them, defaults to ucfirst if no mb_convert_case. (Those without mbstring functions should not need to download a different version)

    3. Allows a calendar offset so can have multiple calendars displaying different months - see demo site


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