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    Qivva Eventlist Calendar Module for Joomla 1.0.x -  version 0.8 for EventList Component 0.8.12

    This is for the OLD version of Joomla and Eventlist

    What do I Need / What do I do for Joomla 1.0.xx

    1. Download the EventList component from www.schlu.net . NEW version EventList 0.8.12 Alpha.
    2. Install the Component
    3. Download the EventList module from www.schlu.net . Eventlist module 0.8.11, install and enable. This is what gives you the Upcoming event list.
    4. Download the mambot Custom Head Tag Systembot from www.joomler.net .
    5. (THIS FILE) Download "Calendar Module for Eventlist version 0_8" from the downloads section of this site.
    6. Install mod_eventlistcalq_v0_8.zip as a module in the normal way and enable.

    There is now no need for a patch file with the NEW version of the Eventlist Component (0.8.12)*

    Changes for v0.8
    * 1. New stylesheet
    * 2. Ability to have Multiple calendars - filter by category
    * 3. Platform neutral url handling
    * 4. Replaced cal_days_in_month so not reliant on calendar library
    * 5. Choose start day of week (now can be any day)
    * 6. Style Highlighting for today cells with events

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