Language and Locale Print

The calendar module should pick up your server locale settings and display the calendar according to those language settings. If you find that you are not getting the language you require you can try forcing the locale by adding a line to set your locale into the calendar code.

Being able to change locale is dependent on what has been added to your hosting server. Try this out, but if it doesn't work, contact your hosting provider to find out what locales/languages are available or request the one you require to be added.

Locale names take the form:

The same language may be used in different ways in different countries, so locale names include a territory code as second component. Thus, fr_FR is the locale for French in France, fr_CA for French in Canada, and en_CA the locale for English in Canada. An encoding may also be specified. English will by default be encoded in ASCII, but en_US.UTF-8 specifies American English in the UTF-8 Unicode encoding. Language codes are usually taken from the list of two-letter codes defined in ISO-639-1, country codes from the two-letter codes defined in ISO-3166-1.

I'm not an expert in language settings - so please don't ask too mnay questions! I have successfully used the following to display my calendar in French and German

For Joomla 1.0.xx version

In mod_eventlistcalq.php

Add as the first line of code in function generate_calendar (line 58)


Replace fr_FR with your locale language of choice. (Germany: de_DE etc)