Languages in Calendar Module Print

As of version 0.9 (for Joomla 1.5.x) there is now a parameter setting that lets you choose between using the Joomla language files for the months and days and using your server locale files.

From version 0.9 the Joomla language file will be the default.

Always try the calendar in default mode using just your normal settings (this is the way the calendar is installed). If it works - Great, you don't need to do anything!

Switch the parameter for using the default language off and use the locale override if you wish to display the calendar in a language other than your Joomla default language.

The following describes how to use the locale override and uses the locale files installed on your server.

 Module Parameter - Locale Override

Use this to select your locale if the default doesn't work.
There are quite often several locales for any particular language. If in doubt - try the utf8 version.

  • German is de_DE.utf8
  • French is fr_FR.utf8
  • Czech is cs_CZ.utf8
  • Greek is el_GR.utf8
  • Polish is pl_PL.utf8
  • Russian is ru_RU.utf8
  • Japanese is ja_JP.utf8

The calendars on the demo site were generated as follows:

German Locale Override: de_DE.utf8
French Locale Override: fr_FR.utf8
Czech Locale Override: cs_CZ.utf8
Greek Locale Override: el_GR.utf8
Polish Locale Override: pl_PL.utf8
Russian Locale Override: ru_RU.utf8
Japanese Locale Override: ja_JP.utf8