How Do I Make The Calendar Bigger / Smaller Print

The style of the calendar is controlled by the calendar stylesheet.

This is mod_eventlistcalq.css for the Joomla 1.0.xx version and mod_eventlistcal15q.css for the Joomla 1.5.x version.

To adjust the calendar to make it bigger or small you need to change the overall size of the calendar and the sizes of the individual cells and adjust the font sizes as well.


Overall Calendar Size

This is controlled by:
#eventcalq table.mod_eventlistcalq_calendar

Change this width to make the overall size larger or smaller.
BUT you also need to change the cell sizes!

Changing the Cell Sizes

There are several parts of the stylesheet that relate to the individual cells, you will need to adjust ALL of these.
The cell sizes relate to the overall calendar size. 7 days per week means that 7 x cell size must be the same or slightly less than the overall calendar size.

For the normal style sheet the cell width is set to 21px.

7 x 21 = 147

Overall calendar size = 154 (147 + 7)

If you want a smalled calendar and want the cell size to be 16px
Overall calendar size needs to be 16 x 7 = 112 +7 = 119

The places you need to adjust the cell size are:
/* Blank cell properties */
#eventcalq td.mod_eventlistcalq

/* Today cell preperties */
#eventcalq td.mod_eventlistcalq_caltoday

/* Non event day cell preperties */
#eventcalq td.mod_eventlistcalq_calday

/* Event day cell properties */
#eventcalq td.mod_eventlistcalq_caldaylink,
#eventcalq td.mod_eventlistcalq_caltodaylink

    width: 21px;
    height: 20px;

In these places you will also see that there is a cell height declared
height: 20px;

Adjust the cell height to whatever you want.

Special Cells

There is special styling for the Today cells.

/* Today Event day cell hover Link / Visited*/
#eventcalq td.mod_eventlistcalq_caltodaylink a:link,
#eventcalq td.mod_eventlistcalq_caltodaylink a:visited

/* Today Event day cell hover */
#eventcalq td.mod_eventlistcalq_caltodaylink a:hover

    width: 19px;
    height: 18px;

The cell widths and heights for these are set at 2px less than normal cells.
If you adjust the normal cell sizes you will need to adjust these to make them 2px less in width and height.


If you make the calendar bigger or smaller you will probably find you need to adjust the font sizes to match. (no use having a larger cell with tiny writing!)

Look in the stylesheet for the font properties and adjust these up or down as necessary.
font: bold 11px/20px "Trebuchet MS", Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif;